Thursday, July 21, 2016

Is Trump Mad Cruz Refused To Endorse The Great Orange Pumpkin?

I lasted less than ten minutes of Ted Cruz's hard to watch, for me, speechifying, at last night's Republican Convention Embarrassment.

There is a large segment of the population, thankfully, who react to Cruz in the same way one instinctively reacts to a scary reptile.

How is it some people don't see this guy's oily snake-like reptilian-ness?

A face that somehow causes a visceral urge to punch it. The pitchy voice that sounds like somehow the voice change process got halted part way through his teen age years.

And then there is the dumb stuff that comes out of this Canadian's mouth. All spoken in a phony bad actor method of delivery.

I don't know how the ill-fated Cruz candidacy survived his ridiculous Simpson's audition. Or that even more embarrassing, long video of Cruz  and family making political ads, with the most damning segment being Cruz sitting next to his mom, telling the camera that his mom prays for him, for hours, everyday, with the look on his mom's face of utter astonishment at the lying nonsense coming out of her creepy son's mouth.

And yet there he was, last night, back on America's TV screens, causing the skin to crawl of a large segment of the world's population.

I am even more appalled by the Great Orange Pumpkin than I am by Ted Cruz, but if I was Donald Trump I would not want someone like Ted Cruz to endorse me, in fact, I would prefer he didn't.

Republican Party unity be damned....

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Looking For A Trumpence Definition

48 hours ago if one Googled for the meaning of the word "trumpence", via the Internet's Urban Dictionary, one would have learned.....

A trumpence is the amount of return on investment on a con job.

Used in a sentence...

 "I knew it was too good to be true, but I thought it was worth trumpence."


“You should always make sure the target of your scam isn't overly intelligent, then you can play on their fears to maximize your potential trumpence.”

And now, 48 hours later, for some reason, the Urban Dictionary's trumpence definition has been expanded....

The return on investment of a con, bribe, theft or fraud. This could include the direct financial benefit of a scam or plot, but also can be used to represent the emotional boost a narcissist or sociopath gets from feeling superior to those they have manipulated and tricked.

I have read Mr. Trump is having some regrets about picking Mr. Pence. We think he should get over any regrets.

The TP Ticket is going to be a lot of fun....