Friday, February 5, 2016

Weary Of Rush Limbaugh And His Low Information Listeners

Did Rush Limbaugh really say that human beings have a propensity to believing, falling for every single apocalyptic doom that they are told is happening?

Thus accurately describing the audience of dimwits who listen to him without realizing they are listening to ignorant nonsense.

I listen to Rush Limbaugh for a short duration fairly regularly. I find him entertaining, in a warped sort of way. That being the reality that a man this ignorant, so un-educated, has a legion of followers too ignorant to know how stupid Limbaugh is.

If I had to pick the most amusing thing that comes out of Limbaugh's mouth it might be his frequent reference to what he calls "Low Information Voters".

Low Information Voters.

Like much of what Limbaugh spews, this Low Information Voters thing is sort of Orwellian. The people Limbaugh refers to as being low in the information department, are actually the enlightened, progressive, educated types he fears. The actual Low Information Voters are the idiots who listen to Limbaugh who are too stupid to realize they are listening to a hate mongering moron.

Some amusing anti-Limbaugh comments gleaned from hundreds of comments made to this particular Facebook post by Americans Against the Tea Party.....

Kenneth Kuller: Just remember, Limbaugh's record on Politifact remains at zero truths.

Barbara Wolfe: Never once I have I turned on one of his broadcasts. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Gregg Davis: Why is it that it's against the law to tell lies to sell products but it's not against the law to sell the lies themselves?

Merl Miller: Remember, Limbaugh was a Democrat until he discovered that Democrats are not gullible enough to be rabid fools. He is an entertainer and he gets paid millions a year to tell stupid people what they want to hear so he can sell crap.

Lois J Buzzell: He should take Ann the demon spawn Coulter, and go to a deserted island. Two of the most disgusting and dangerous people on the planet.

Gary Werner: He's a windbag

Tim Koerber: Why does he still have an Audience? Oh I know, those with brain damage or mental or rational disabilities still have money to spend via "Sponsors" who pay for his broadcast! Sad, so sad!

Bob Holmes: Most countries would arrest such a liar set on stirring public revolt. He is lucky for the first amendment, otherwise he would be in prison.

Gordon Brooks: Much of what spews from his mouth is merely said to stir his crowd of ill educated followers. 

Alfred N. Van Kirk: He doesn't really give a damn. He started the conservative radio apocalypse. He discovered the more outrageous the claims the more he made! Not a single fact. Just lies followed by more lies! You know it as the Republican creed!

Tom Massa: Lush Slimebaugh and Donald Trump are the two most obnoxious people on the face of the earth.

Mitchell Stein Sr.: Fear sells....the salesman without morals will sell anything for cash.

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