Friday, January 22, 2016

Americans Against Tea Party Queen Sarah Palin

Several months ago I found myself being appalled reading comments made to FOX News online articles, astonished by the fact that so many people had such ignorant, ill-informed, hateful, racist ideas and were so willing to share.

Reading the comments was like a window into some perverse club where occasionally someone whose education had continued past high school would attempt to be a voice of reason, to no avail.

Much of the FOX News type idiocy, as reflected in comments, is the fruit of those who read no legit news sources and who listen to too much right wing talk radio, becoming what are known as Rush Limbots, often not understanding what Limbaugh is actually saying, morphing the nonsense into something even more ignorant and stupid.

Eventually I had my faith restored in the majority of American humanity when I came across various news sources where intelligent, educated, healthy minded human beings made comments regarding our current sad state of American affairs.

One of those more elevated comment sources comes to me from Facebook via something called Americans Against the Tea Party.

A couple days ago the Queen of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, endorsed Donald Trump.

Palin's endorsement rant took Palin being embarrassing to an entire new level. Below is a sample of comments regarding Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, then, followed by the comments an amusing selection of memes on this subject which are currently circulating the Internet......

Todd A. Smith: Sarah Palin is a buffoon and (probably in the most literal sense, here) a tool. Donald Trump - I am still unsure, on that one. The man is not stupid. He speaks ignorantly, but that is calculated pandering, to enable the LCD of the population to "identify" with a billionaire. I'm not convinced he isn't actually running a huge scam, to divide and weaken the GOP base, and thereby hand the election to his old friend, Mrs. Clinton. The Republican establishment despises Trump, and have been scrambling to distance themselves. If they excommunicate Trump, and he goes third party independent, he takes a good portion of the GOP voter base with him, and effectively murders any chance of a Democratic loss.

Julio Ojeda-Urzua: Stop kidding ourselves, Trump is a joke and Palin is a court jester, but Trump is really running. We need to take him seriously because he actually has a real shot at winning the GOP nomination and the presidency if enough stupid people go out to vote while disenchanted liberals/moderates stay home.

Jen Lavris Makovic:s: I think that Sarah Palin's incoherent ramblings are proof enough of her idiocy. Either that or she's got a major disability.

Brian Cronin: To everyone (and you know damn well who you are) who ever thought this dingbat was intelligent, sharp, a viable politician, or potential leader of our country...we'll except your apology now, please. This comical Alaskan dingbat with the double digit IQ is as useless as a goddamn Kardashian....or one of those Duck Dynasty poser douche bags.

George Neill: What is so very sad about Sarah is that she is able to connect with so many other ignorant white trash Americans!

Ron Murray Sr.: Well, you have to understand, that since most of the White Folk in Red States are on Welfare and Food Stamps they have plenty of time to sit around watching Faux Noys on their Chinese Habitat for Humanity television set and then go meet up with their neighbors at the Chines Habitat for Humanity Wal-mart store to talk about how bad the nation is with that BLACK MAN LIVING IN THEIR "WHITE" HOUSE.

Doug Tull: If you live in a Red State or travel through the Red States, it's not hard to believe at all. I hear folks saying just insane shi* that they hear on Fox and Rush Limbaugh. I hate to break it to you, but there are a lot of stupid, racist, homophobic, xenophobic bigots in America. Get out and vote, or it's over.

Joseph Abate: I said the same thing months ago - Trump is playing a colossal joke just to bring out the true colors of republikids. Then he's going to say, "See how they are? You've GOT to vote for Hillary. She'll be terrific."

Chuck Accleton: America has become the nation of the lowest common denominator. Conservative voters are the stupidest people on the planet.

Parrish Galusky: There is a huge percentage of the population that is extremely stupid and they do have those votes locked up. Stupid loves stupid.

Richard Garrison: Everybody really should listen to the entirety of Sarah's speech. If it is a "beauty pageant" speech, where some pretty but empty-headed young woman gives a rambling, jumbled, incomprehensible speech on some subject like world peace. Usually Sarah delivers a word salad. Words strung together in "sentences" which slightly resemble, and sound like, English. But this speech is in a whole other category, much more industrial strength. This one is more like gallons of alphabet soup which has been eaten by a cow, digested through all the cow's stomach's, then evacuated onto a landfill, then picked up by Sarah and read to us as she praises Trump. The bottom line is that if this speech makes sense to you, you are part of the problem.

And now some amusing Sarah Palin/Donald Trump memes....

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