Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2016 Ted Cruz Sarah Palin Republican Dream Ticket for Democrat Win after Palin Iowa Freedom Summit Speech

I am just about 100% certain that this CRUZ PALIN 2016 poster was not actually paid for by the Hillary Clinton for President Committee.

What a high level potential amusement factor possibility there would be in a debate between Hillary Clinton and either Cruz or Palin.

I am assuming this poster is suggesting that it is Cruz who is running for president, not Palin,

But, Sarah Palin in the top spot would surely be comedy gold.

Just a day or two ago, in Iowa, at an event called the Iowa Freedom Summit, Sarah Palin gave a speech that has had pundits, both right and left commenting on what some have characterized as a "tragic speech."

I could not make it through the entire, over a half hour, rambling, disjointed, confused stream of consciousness mess.

When you Google "Sarah Palin Iowa Speech" below is what shows up at the top of the results page...

Below you can watch Sarah Palin's Iowa Freedom Summit speech in its entirety (if you are blessed with the patience to do so)...