Tuesday, December 24, 2013

God Must Love All The Foolish People He Created....

I purloined the Bertrand Russell quote from Facebook this morning. Facebook seems to be a good place for such a quote, only I would change the number to one much higher than fifty million.

No one on my Facebook friend lists says foolish things, not that I have noticed.

However,  I have seen others, not my Facebook friends, spout incredibly foolish foolishness.

Like this morning I read someone relatively related to me make a Facebook comment to a person who I consider to be insane's irrational hypocritical ignorant ranting with a ranting comment of her own, part of which, to my horrific horror, directed the infamous "F" word at Pope Francis, he being the new pope who the sane people of the planet have pretty much fallen in love with.

Reading through the aforementioned insane person's insane, absurdly angry, bullying Facebook rantings had me thinking if Facebook existed in 1930 Adolf Hitler would likely have had a Facebook account, with thousands of "Friends" making thousands of attaboy comments to Hitler's insane, evil rantings.

Foolish people.

God must love them, because he sure made a lot of them....

Friday, December 13, 2013

Did Thomas Jefferson Shake King George III's Hand Before President Obama Shook Raul Castro's?

The American Right Winger Tea Party Republican Conservative sorts recent fuss making over President Obama shaking the hand of Cuba's President, Raul Castro, is, well, just embarrassing.

I saw the graphic on the left on Facebook, documenting American Right Winger Tea Party Republican Conservative sort's bizarre hypocrisy regarding this handshaking issue.

When future American president, Thomas Jefferson, met American arch enemy, King George III of England for the first time, I don't know if Jefferson shook George's hand.

I do know that Jefferson described George as a "mulish being with a narrow mind."

So, basically, Thomas Jefferson found England's King George III to be like American Right Winger Tea Party Republican Conservative sort...