Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You Do Not Know You're Stupid When You Are Dead

I saw the two paragraphs on the left on Facebook this morning.

So true, I thought to myself.

I only know, well, used to know, a couple really stupid people.

Currently I don't know anyone, personally, who I think to be stupid.

The two stupid people who are the stupidest I've ever known are too stupid to know they are stupid.

That particular pair of stupid people share a lot of traits in common, which, I guess, are traits which those who are stupid may be prone to.

Such as being chronically overbearing. Always feeling the need to tell others what they are doing wrong or what they should think. Never considering the possibility that they may be wrong about that which they are dictating.

Both have not developed what is known as an Adult Ego State. Both operate out of what is known as a Contaminated Parental Ego State.

Both have tempers which they are unable to suppress, usually angry over something they are misunderstanding, and then communicating their misunderstanding stupidly.

Both are too stupid to understand basic nutritional metabolics. In other words, both overeat, one to the point of morbidity.

Both are too stupid to understand the easy to understand concept that the word "your" is known as a possessive pronoun and that the words "you" and "are" can be contracted as "you're" and that "your" and "you're" have totally different meanings.

Both are women who both do not know that "woman" means one female, while "women" is the plural form of the "woman" word.

If politely corrected about these or any other grammar errors, both would lose their tempers and launch into a fit of stupid gibberish.

So, yeah, like it says above in the quote I stole from Facebook, when you are stupid, you don't know that you are stupid. Your stupidity is only difficult for others....

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Sharing With The World What One Is Praying About Pet Peeve

I am probably totally wrong-headed about one of my particularly precise pet peeves, sort of like when Seinfeld went against the hugging masses and made clear his aversion to being hugged by strangers for no particular good reason.

I have had issues, a time or two, like Seinfeld, with what I characterize as Hug Monkeys.

But, excessive hugging is not what I am pet peeving about here.

A tragedy occurs. Let's say, for example, when massive tornadoes do massive damage, with death and destruction, mortifying the world at the horror of the calamity, it bugs me when someone in something like Facebook or Twitter feels compelled to share that "my prayers go out to the victims and their families and I pray for their recovery from this tragedy."

Or variations to that effect.

Sharing this sentiment just seems incredibly shallow, self-serving and meaningless to me.

Now, let's take my good friend, Ian Somerhalder's, tweek above. I don't know to which bad thing he is referring, Sandy Hook, Superstorm Sandy, the Philippine typhoon, Oklahoma tornadoes, or what.

What I do know is that the way Ian Somerhalder expresses his feelings regarding whatever tragedy he is talking about strikes me as meaningful and sincere and devoid of sharing that he is praying about it.

It strikes me that informing people that your prayers are going out to this that or the other thing comes across as smarmy and self-serving. And very shallow.

To my way of seeing the world I believe the vast majority of humans, world-wide, are good people with good hearts who wish well to the rest of humanity, and who, when learning of a tragedy, feel empathy for the victims, whether the tragedy is a mass murder, bombing, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, epidemic or any other type calamity.

In other words, the good thoughts, prayers and well wishes of humanity, world-wide, go out to people suffering, world-wide.

When someone shares in a venue like Facebook, or Twitter, some specific instance which they are deigning to bless with their prayer power it makes me wonder, what with specifically focusing on one tragedy, like a tornado in Oklahoma, are you not praying for the other woes that occurred in the world that day?

If a person found themselves totally touched by the effects of a disaster and wanted to share with others how  touched they were by the tragedy, saying something like I wish there was some way I could help, besides donating money, well, that seems like a sincere, meaningful sentiment.

But, sharing that your prayers go out to this that or the other thing, well, like I already said, strikes me as smarmy and self-serving and, essentially, meaningless.

And, also, like I already said, I am likely wrongheaded about this particular pet peeve, but, even if I am wrong-headed about this particular pet peeve, nothing is going to alter the way I react when I read someone sharing with others what they are praying about....