Monday, September 2, 2013

I Am With George Carlin Thinking About How Stupid The Average Person Is

Judging by this quote it would seem George Carlin knows how stupid the average person is and that half of them are even stupider than how stupid you think they are.

I have no idea how stupid the average person is. I do know a lot of average people are really stupid. I make note of that when talking to them, or reading what they write in various venues that give stupid people unfettered access.

Like Facebook.

When stupid people lose their temper it truly is an unsettling spectacle to witness. It is like suddenly you are being granted access to the swirling nonsense to which their brain neurons must subject them all the time.

There really is no reasoning with a stupid person, near as I can tell. I know I've had little success in penetrating a stupid person's thinking. When I try, the stupid person usually just gets more upset and gets deeper in to his or her angry place.

The planet is plagued by stupid people both on the micro and the macro level.

Take this whole Syria situation.

I'd wear myself out trying to iterate all the ways the Syria problem is stupid.

I do see a lot of smart comments regarding the stupid Syria problem. People belittling the idea of countering violence with more violence.

If Syria's Assad did a bad bad thing by murdering his citizens with Sarin nerve gas, how does it fix that problem by sending in some Tomahawk missiles to inflict some damage?

I read some smart person suggest that we do a massive flyover of Syria airdropping all sorts of humanitarian aid to the beleaguered areas of Syria. That would not be a stupid thing to do....

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