Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Curious Canadian Case Of The Killer Python

My initial reaction when I read that a python had somehow managed to kill two young boys, in Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada, was that it did not seem likely that a snake was the culprit.

Then, as the details became known, the snake killing story seemed even harder to believe.

The Barthe brothers, Noah, 4, Connor 6, were spending the night with a family friend after spending Sunday playing with animals, playing pool and shopping for goodies. Basic kid stuff.

The family friend, the brothers were staying with, runs an exotic pet store. He lives above the store, which is where the boys were when they died.

A longer than 10 feet African Rock Python was kept in the living quarters in a big glass aquarium type enclosure which went all the way to the ceiling.

The claim is that somehow the Python slithered up the glass enclosure, into a ventilation duct, slithering to above the sleeping brothers, where its 100 pound weight caused the snake to come crashing through the ceiling.

The Python then quickly recovered from the fall and somehow managed to wrap itself around both boys so quickly that they did not let out a scream.

After allegedly crushing the life out of the brothers the Python then found a place to hide, which is where it was found when the owner of the Python checked in on the brothers to find them murdered.

The Python has been executed, without a trial.

Many people around the world are being skeptical about this story, judging from the thousands of comments on various social media.

I suspect the Case of the Killer Python is one we are going to be hearing about for awhile.

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