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American's Right To Life, Liberty, The Pursuit of Happiness & Health Care

Dementedly Stupid Anti-Obamacare Poster
Why is no one doing anything about America's out of control Ignorance Epidemic?

I am not sure where the center of America's Ignorance Epidemic is located.

America's Ignorance Epidemic may have multiple centers.

Rush Limbaugh and his radio show may be one Center of American Ignorance.

FOX News may be another Center of American Ignorance.

The Republican Party may also be another Center of American Ignorance.

Currently at the top of the agenda at the Centers of American Ignorance is ignorant ranting about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

The Centers of Ignorance rant that Obamacare is part of a socialist agenda which will destroy America.

In America's Declaration of Independence one American concept stands out above all others, that being that we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

In America millions of Americans can not afford health care. Millions of Americans live lives of less than optimum health because they put off a visit to a doctor, fearing the cost. So, a lump goes unchecked until it becomes metastasized cancer, for example.

With those unalienable American rights being life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness it would seem that being able to afford to see a doctor when ones health is making one unhappy and threatening ones life would be one of those things all Americans would agree would be a good thing to provide to everyone.

America's health statistics, be it infant mortality, longevity, or other measures, rank America below other developed nations, and in some measures behind a nation like Cuba.

Increasing the supply of doctors and clinics is one of the first things Castro did after his socialist revolution succeeded.


I don't think Rush Limbaugh, a man whose education did not extend past high school, understands what socialism is.


Where the population, together, collectively, pays for something the population deems it needs to be a successful population, free to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

In America we collectively together pay for our common defense in the form of the military. The U.S. military is a socialist program.

In America we collectively together pay for public education. The U.S. school system is a socialist program. With the American university system widely regarded as the best in the world.

In America we collectively together pay for our roads. The U.S construction of public roads is a socialist program.

In America we collectively together pay for public libraries. The U.S. public library system is a socialist program.

In America we collectively together pay for our space program. NASA is a socialist program.

Another Dementedly Stupid Anti-Obamacare  Poster
If America collectively together paid for Universal Health Care, like other civilized, modern nations, why would this socialized program be the death of America?

When having a socialized military, schools, roads, libraries, power grids and other government enabled programs have not led to the death of America?

What if decades ago, say during the era of the New Deal, or even earlier, it became a political issue that we must develop a system where all Americans have access to the medical care they need?

With the principle being that America's health delivery system was going to be the best in the world, because having a universally healthy population was a benefit to all Americans.

Instead America developed a perverse private enterprise business model for its health care delivery system, eventually evolving to a primarily insurance based financing method, augmented by government programs, like Medicare.

With the result being that America spends more, by far,  per capita, on health care than any other nation in the civilized, modern world.

America spends more on health care than any other nation, yet millions of Americans go without health care, for the most part, relying on Emergency Rooms, when needed. And letting chronic problems grow worse, due to being unable to afford a doctor's visit.

And then there are the millions left in financial ruin. The primary breadwinner in a family succumbs to terminal cancer. Even with insurance such a family can face financial ruin, losing their home, left bankrupt.

The cost to the American economy caused by its perversely inefficient health delivery system is incalculable.

The benefit to the American economy and the American people of  real Universal Health Care seems obvious, or should be obvious.

But, for some reason, way too many people think the current perversely inefficient American health delivery system is serving America well.

When it clearly is not.

And that Universal Health Care is the one socialist program that will bring about the end of America as we know it, despite all the existing American socialist programs having made America in many ways the most successful nation in the world.

The only nation to land a man on the moon. The most extensive paved highway system in the world. The most powerful military in the world. The most comprehensive public library system in the world. One of the best educated populations in the world.

With the most expensive health care system in the world. Which does not deliver health care to all its citizens....

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