Tuesday, August 6, 2013

America Overreacting To Supposed Al Qaeda Threat?

In my likely wrong-headed view the current American reaction to a supposed Al Qaeda terror threat is completely bone-headed.

So, U.S. Intelligence picks up some high level Al Qaeda chatter about an impending attack.

The solution?

Close dozens of American embassies. Fly U.S. personnel out of Yemen. Make the world jittery.

If Al Qaeda is planning an attack, the terrorists are now well informed that their intended targets are no longer so viable.

If Al Qaeda is currently on track to make an attack, would the terrorists not now aim their attack elsewhere?

Would it not have made a lot more sense to quietly beef up the defenses at the embassies in danger? And if an embassy is attacked to attack the attackers, removing them permanently from the terror business?

Reacting in the way America has reacted, sort of lets the Al Qaeda terrorists win a round without firing a shot.

Surely there are better ways to deal with these type threats.

Just like it seems that there should be a better way to deal with the terror threat when we board a plane than to treat each of us as a suspect who needs to take off their shoes and be electronically strip searched.

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